Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics: The Missing Awards

2010 Olympic Cauldron - VOA - Kane Farabaugh
VOA - Kane Farabaugh

There's always a few awards you wish could be given out. Here's mine:

Biggest Nail Biter:
Canada vs. US Hockey - Sudden death overtime, what more could you want?

Biggest Non-sport:
Curling - I don't care how far the game goes back. If your grandparents can do it, it's not a sport.

Most Tearful:
Joannie Rochette, who won the bronze in figure skating after losing her mother days before from a heart attack.

Most Forgettable:
Lindsey Jacobellis - American snowboarder

Worst Sportsmanship:
Evgeni Plushenko - Russian figure skater

Most Tragic:
Nodar Kumaritashvili - Georgian luger who died before games got started. Remember him?

My Brother's Keeper Award:
Alexandre Bilodeau, Canadian gold medal winner in moguls who's older brother, Frederic, suffers from cerebral palsy, is his brother's biggest fan. Alexandre gave up hockey and started skiing because Frederic couldn't participate in hockey. Alexandre calls Frederic "my inspiration."

"Longest Time Coming" Win:
United States 4-man bobsled team who won the first US medal in bobsledding since 1948. Also, another US team broke an 86-year drought by winning the first medals ever in the Nordic Combined Team event.

Donald Trump's "You're FIRED!" Award:
Sven Kramer's coach for causing him to be disqualified for an illegal lane change after winning a gold medal and setting a Olympic record. Who was HE putting money on?

Biggest Omission:
Women's Ski Jumping - Geez, women are in every other Olympic sport. Why is the ski jump a shut out? On top of, there was the IOC's lame excuse that, "Women's ski jumping does not reach the necessary technical criteria and as such does not yet warrant a place alongside other Olympic events." Which is a bunch of crap and they know it.

Most Interesting Athlete:
Forget the youngsters. Mexico's skier Hubertus Von Hohenlohe, 51, a titled German prince, born in Mexico City was definitely the most interesting athlete and charming to boot. He told a Universal Sports reporter how his grandfather lost their lands after WWII to the Russians and they immigrated to Spain. Von Hohenlohe's grandmother was of Spanish and Mexican descent.

His father later immigrated to Mexico to run a Volkswagen plant. Von Hohenlohe designs his own ski outfits as he thought the others were "boring." One outfit was reminiscent of a 'bandito' costume with painted on chaps, bandelaros and a "sombrero" on the back.

This is likely Von Hohenlohe last Olympics, although he joked that, "Curling looks very good." He finished in 46th place, almost 30 seconds behind the winner.

It only seemed like there were three sponsors for the Olympics. So we got to see the same commercials over and over. Unfortunately many were uninspired with a couple of exceptions.

Best Commercial: - tie
P & G's Mom series and the Coke snowball fight were alternately inspiring and fun.

Dumbest Commercial:
Volkswagen "punch-dub" car commercial gets a gold medal for stupidity in advertising.

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