Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clueless Cindy Sheehan Holds Protest Near Cheney Home

Someone buy Cindy Sheehan a clue. She apparently hasn’t realized that there’s been an election. Please do her the kindness of telling here there’s a democrat administration making the calls on the war on terror these days.

Clueless Cindy and her tiny group of losers were out protesting, of all things, the use of drones. The protest was held in front of CIA offices and later, near the home of former vice-president Dick Cheney (who has been out of the office for almost a year, Cindy). The mother of fallen soldier, 21-year-old Casey, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, protested the unmanned aerial vehicles that are used both to collect intelligence and for attacks. Because they’re unmanned and operated remotely, they save countless lives.

She called the use of drones as "cowardly" and "immoral." So is Sheehan telling us that she’d rather have other people’s children in harm's way than using an unmanned aircraft? Who knows, maybe her son would have lived had drones been used.

Cindy, you’re way past your 15 minutes and you’ve become a sad joke.

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