Saturday, January 2, 2010

Honestly…I was only kidding!

When news came out about the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, I joked that since Richard Reid, the failed Shoe Bomber (aka, Hot Foot) caused us to have to remove our shoes before boarding a flight, I hoped that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (aka, Hot Pants) wouldn’t have us removing our pants too!

Honestly…it was only a joke! But this administration apparently thinks this is now a good idea. In true, “never allow a crisis to go to waste” format, they want to remove your pants, via scanners that will reveal your whoopsi-daisy to the scanner’s technician.

Oh, but don’t worry, they tell us, “Technicians view the images in a locked room.” Yeah I bet they do! Then the TSA tries to assure us that the images will not be stored. "Once they (the passengers) are cleared, they cannot be stored, they're gone forever," a TSA official said. “So there’s NO chance they’ll end up on YouTube.” Okay…I added that last part. And we can trust the TSA because they would never allow something confidential to be posted online....

What’s really scary is the number of people who think having sweaty technicians ogling everyone with superman vision is worth it for a chance of safety. The question is: “Who is going to have to go through it?” Are we going to start sending little old ladies through to be politically correct? What about children: Do you really want some unknown person seeing a scan of your virtually naked child? We’ve had a number of lawsuits over Muslim women not wanting to remove their headdress for a driver’s license. What do you think will happen when they’re told they have to go through one of these scanners? And will the TSA let them slide because they don’t want to appear to be profiling or violating (a now politically protected) religion?

Ridiculous! After all, it was already known that Hot Pants was a danger. He was on a watch list (which apparently means they just sit around and WATCH him attempt to blow up one of our planes!) But he was not put on the no-fly list. Cat Stevens is on a no-fly list, conservative talk show host Michael Savage is on a no-fly list (to the UK) but this guy is not? Even after his own father told authorities that he was planning to bring down a plane. Were they all listening to new Christmas iPods over at the CIA when he told them this? Or is it because everything must be typed up in triplicate, stamped, “Do Not Disseminate to the Internet or the FBI” and fed through the food chain from the janitor on up? Did it get lost between the Chief Assistant and the Assistant Chief?

But never mind. The government is on its way to make a show trial and kick out a few low level bureaucrats that no one really liked anyway. The sheeple are blindly being herded along to give up their last shred of dignity just to go on a business trip or holiday. Tearing down the bureaucratic wall is what needs to change—not parading us in our birthday suits! This is not what the people wanted when promised government transparency.

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