Monday, January 18, 2010

No Student Left Untraumatized: School Evacuated Over Science Project

 An 11-year-old San Diego middle school student was left “shaken” and his school evacuated after he brought a home-made science project to school. The student at Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School, whose web page touts a focus on studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, brought a motion detector device he had been building in his garage to show friends. At around 11:40 a.m. the vice principal saw the device, which was made of an “empty half-liter Gatorade bottle with some wires and other electrical components attached” he asked the student about it immediately called the police. He then took the suspect dangerous device into the principal’s office.

When police and Metro Arson Strike Team (MAST) responded, they also found (insert dramatic music) “electrical components in the student's backpack.” Imagine—electrical components at a tech school! The student was questioned (without his parents). We don’t know how long he was questioned (without his parents) but at 1 p.m., they decided to evacuate the school and the MAST robot was sent to take pictures and x-rays of the device. Then at 3 p.m., they decided the device was harmless.

Personnel (illegally) confiscated the device and gave the all clear. Describing the parents as doormats very cooperative, they searched their garage (without a warrant) to make sure there was nothing harmful or explosive. (Good thing they didn’t have a can of gasoline for the lawn mower in there!)

The spokesperson for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, said the student will not be prosecuted (over a harmless motion detector thingy), but said he violate school polices (regarding independent thinking, obviously.) Authorities then suggested the student and his parents get counseling. Perhaps this is because they were traumatized by law enforcement and idiot vice principals! The spokesperson added he (the student) and his parents were “extremely upset.” Duh!

Great, we probably have one more kid that will never show interest in science again. This administrator has a great future as an airport screener.

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