Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bush 'Miss Me Yet' Billboard Drew Questions, Libral Ire

The hunt was on for the sponsor
There's nothing like watching liberals getting their collective panties in a wad over nothing. And these days, it usually only takes a mention of Bush's name to do it. After all, he is the liberal democrat's version of the devil. Perhaps no president has been more vilified after leaving office.

So when a billboard popped up in rural Minnesota the hunt was on--first to verify that it wasn't a Photoshopped hoax (it wasn't) and to find out the sponsor's name(s). The advertisers turned out to be a group of business owners and individuals who aren't feeling support coming out of the capitol. Comments ran from the amused to the acid.

One blog stated, "Anyone who thinks that a president who has barely been in office 12 months is a worse administrator than Bush should go out and get an MRI." paraphrase Sarah Palin: "How's that Hopey Changey thing working?"

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