Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tim Tebow - This is the Ad Some Got Their Collective Panties in a Knot About?

Update: Hey NOW, Planned Parenthood, et al. YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED! Yes, after all the flap from so-called women's groups against the Tim Tebow ad and more importantly, Focus on the Family, those groups ended up looking rightfully foolish. Instead of being incensed, by say, the Dodge Charger's sexist ad or Go Daddy sexual ads, they chose to have a freak-out over milquetoast ads that never mention the words abortion or pro-life and just show a mother who still worries over her Heisman trophy-winning son. If it wasn't for the pro-abortion groups' flap over the sponsor, most people probably would have been scratching their head over the commercial's meaning! Score one for FOF!

The "scandalous" Tim Tebow ad with mother Pam:

It just shows the haters are all about pro-ABORTION, not pro-choice. This woman made a choice...she chose life!

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